MS Project Contents

1. Introduction to Project Management

2. MS Project Concepts

3. Introduction of CPM

4. Project Planning and Scheduling

5. Project Plan

6. Project Duration Estimate

7. Preparation of Calendars

8. Relationship and Linking Tasks

9. Base line creation and assigning

10. Work Break Down Structure

11. Constraints and Recurring Tasks

12. Resources And Cost Analysis

13. Resource Defining And Assigning

14. What is Resource pool and how to use the Resource Pool

15. Resource Leveling manual and auto.

16. Groups and Filters

17. Project Controlling and Updating

18. Base line Creation And Assigning the Base line

19. Auto updating and Manual updating the Project with relations assignment

20. Generating the variance Reports

21. Creating the planned S-Curve

22. Tracking the Project Progress

23. Earned Value Management with cost calculations

24. Views and Format

25. Multiple Projects

26. Reports generation

27. Tabular and Graphical reports

28. Projects Export/Import

29. File management