HyperMesh  Contents

Introduction to FEM and Types of Elements in 2D and 3D

1. Geometry Page:

  • Creating and editing of geometrical bodies ( 2d&3d )
  • Extracting mid surface
  • Geometry clean up
  • Function Keys ( Shortcut Keys)
  • Importing and exporting of files in hyper mesh

2. 1D Page:

  • Introduction about 1d elements (linear elements)

3. 2D Page:

  • Shell meshing+
  • Different types of Methods in creating mesh
  • Quality (Parameters) Index
  • Editing of Elements and Elements clean up

4. 3D Page:

  • Tetra meshing
  • Hexa meshing
  • Different types of Methods in creating solid elements

5. Tool Page:

  • Applying various tools to perform multiple actions on the entities
  • Modification of Geometries and Elements
  • Introducing secondary entity panel