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As you know by now, in-kind donations come with their own set of benefits, drawbacks, rules, and strategies. Before you finish reading, let’s recap with a few key points to keep in mind. Get a glimpse of how Keela’s fundraising software helps nonprofits make the right ask at the right time. If these conditions are met, donors must only claim the amount that they originally purchased the item for.

  • The item was acquired less than ten years before the time of donation, with one of the main purposes being to gift the property to a qualified donee.
  • This generous gift will help further the mission of our organization.
  • As mentioned before, working computers and office equipment for nonprofits make terrific in kind donations.
  • Even with the best of intentions, without a comprehensive strategy, in-kind donations sometimes don’t reach their intended destination effectively.
  • The first thing that you should do to recognize a donation is to send a donation receipt and confirmation email to the donor, acknowledging that the financial transaction of the donation has been processed.

They can be donated goods, services, labor, use of facilities or equipment, etc. Most of the kids didn’t have gloves and balls to practice with at home, but the organization couldn’t afford to supply them. Maybe the local sporting goods store would make a donation, or she could launch a community drive for gently-used sports equipment. In discussion with the board, she decided not to accept food donations at all, due to storage and logistic concerns, in addition to the nutritional ones. You might accept these gifts because they don’t want to discourage generosity, but managing piles of stuff that is unconnected with your mission and need can quickly get out of hand.

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He has a proven track record at tackling the most challenging not-for-profit accounting issues and finding solutions that work and move organizations forward. He excels at creating process efficiencies, motivating and utilizing staff to their full potential, implementing internal controls and providing sound technical expertise. Generally, churches and other church-affiliated organizations are exempt from filing IRS form 990 or 990-EZ. Long story short, that free vehicle given to us ended up costing the church thousands of dollars in repairs, upkeep, and insurance.

in kind donation

However, for big companies, be aware that nonprofit competition is quite fierce. Arielle added a “wish list” to her organization’s website, and put out the call for sports equipment on her social media, email, and newsletter channels. She sent a letter introducing herself and her organization to local sporting goods stores, asking for a meeting with the store manager to talk about partnering. When she followed up a week later with a phone call, one manager invited her to come in and talk. During disasters and other humanitarian crises, companies and individuals often want to help with the disaster relief operations. Some people have argued that giving goods that are already at hand is more cost effective for the donor than giving money to buy these same goods, thus reducing the cost of buying the goods afresh, particularly in the face of shortages.


Once confirmed, the charity may provide a written donor acknowledgment. Sending supplies, equipment and materials around the world — often to hard-to-reach places — is a feat of logistics. It’s not unusual for in-kind donations to travel hundreds or even thousands of miles before reaching their final destination. There are many options to get this done, which our teams carefully consider. For the fastest route, HOPE can send by air – but there are many restrictions to this, mostly around hazardous items like bug spray or certain kinds of equipment.

Corporate sponsors can make in-kind donations such as transportation, as well as host parties. Further in-kind donations and the introduction of new agencies should be coordinated with the agencies already on the ground, to avoid potential duplication. Further, the gift may be used for research or examination, exhibited, stored, maintained, loaned and disposed of as determined by the CWI Foundation as successor owner. By creating an account, you agree to ourPrivacy PolicyandTerms & Conditions.

Just like most things, there are benefits and risks to nonprofits accepting in-kind donations. If your nonprofit is in need, assign a person in your organization to be in charge of securing in-kind donations.

You can choose to send donation acknowledgments on an annual basis as a summary, or one for each in-kind donation you receive. You can read more in-depth on writing donation acknowledgments for monetary donations here.

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The problem with in-kind donations arises when they aren’t part of any strategy your nonprofit has. Unsolicited in-kind gifts can create issues with physical storage space, utilizing the gift, and simply having no need for it.

  • In Guatemala, we delivered lifesaving medicines and supplies to survivors of the Fuego volcano eruption.
  • Today, we work with corporate donors and other INGO partners to deliver products and equipment that will support our programs around the globe.
  • Very important questions for nonprofits to understand as part of their broader fundraising compliance needs.
  • Develop partnerships with a variety of companies and organizations and ask them to contribute in kind to your organization when you’re in need of specific items.
  • Just like most things, there are benefits and risks to nonprofits accepting in-kind donations.

We have become experts in creativity and we enjoy working with corporations who want to donate building materials for home construction or overstock items for resale, so don’t hesitate to contact us about your desired donation. If in-kind donations sound like something that can help your nonprofit, set up systems of accounting that will help you track and report on these donations accurately and in compliance with federal and state regulations. Then, be sure to ask for exactly what you need from your supporters. There are a lot of different ways you can write your own donor acknowledgment letter. Double-check the IRS guidelines for your nonprofit before you send out your acknowledgments. Donors can donate in-kind when it’s challenging to give money, providing more flexibility in donations. Another type of in-kind donation to keep in mind is when an organization pays for a service on behalf of your organization.

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As there are a lot of rules and stipulations in such a wide variety of unorthodox donations, it can sometimes be difficult to determine how to record these donations and whether they actually qualify as an in-kind donation or not. First, please research and follow your regional regulations regarding in-kind donations. Your taxation agency, whether it be the IRS or the CRA, will be able to provide you with a clear understanding of exactly what to do. A chair, you should show gratitude by specifically explaining how those chairs will positively impact your organization. We recommend that you make a habit of sending a receipt to the donor as soon as possible. Use Keela to automate the donation receipt process to save time, whether you issue receipts immediately or at the end of the year. The item was acquired less than ten years before the time of donation, with one of the main purposes being to gift the property to a qualified donee.

If the item is appraised, the name and address of the appraiser must be included on the donation receipt. As there must be a reasonable relationship between replacement cost and FMV, replacement cost rarely factors into fair market evaluations. If the supply of the donated property is more or less than the demand for it, which is often the case, the replacement cost becomes less important.

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Markets, the organization uses independent pricing guides to determine the fair market value of the particular manufacturer’s specific formulation. As is the case with FDA-approved formulations, the value relates to the specific product from the specific manufacturer. Direct Relief’s activities are planned and executed on an operating budget that is approved by the Board of Directors prior to the onset of the fiscal year.

in kind donation

There’s the monetary kind that organizations receive in the form of grants, major gifts, sponsorships, and individual donations. And then there’s the type of donation that can have just as much value for nonprofits—in-kind donations. One source of confusion stems from the significant pricing differences that exist in different parts of the world for similar products. With regard to pharmaceuticals, significant differences exist between a branded drug and a generic equivalent formulation even within the same market, including the U.S.

This site lets you check state and local government surplus sales and auctions pages for surplus property, available for free at at substantial discounts. Learn more about corporate fundraising with Introduction to Corporate Giving, available free as an online webinar or an in-person class. “I wish there was a way for kids to play sports with no equipment,” Arielle half-joked to her office mate Mike as she placed yet another order for jump ropes and mitts. Gifts in kind should not be used to substitute for other needed items if they do not fit the requirements well. Helping with longer term development in impoverished or otherwise distressed areas is a high priority for governments and large NGOs. It is argued that gifts in kind can be a significant component of a larger humanitarian development strategy.

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More bid packages will drive up administrative costs for the owner, architect and/or construction manager and increase the project cost. The receipt of proposals for in-kind gifts must be included with the receipt of competitive bids and proposals. We ask that you let us know about any charitable drives that you are intending on running.

If you want a smart and simple way to track in-kind donations, a nonprofit CRM is your best bet. Using a sophisticated donor CRM (like Funraise’s), you can easily track and manage all your org’s in-kind donations just like you manage all your other offline donations . Do not state or imply that donations to any third-party in kind donation organization support Direct Relief’s work. If the value of the in-kind donation is believed to be more than $5,000, the value is generally obtained from an IRS-qualified appraisal. If the charity sells or transfers the goods within three years of receiving, the charity must complete IRS Form 8283 and file with the IRS.

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GIK acts as a liaison between local and national donors and participating agencies. The purpose of GIK is to assist agencies in leveraging their dollars while providing donors with an outlet for distributing surplus and increasing their contribution and support of the local community. In 2018, Project HOPE donated $42.3 million in essential equipment, medicines and medical supplies around the world. In Guatemala, we delivered lifesaving medicines and supplies to survivors of the Fuego volcano eruption.

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While many attest to the benefits of in-kind over cash gifts, others have argued for their disadvantages, particularly in the context of disaster relief. Connect in-kind contributions to donor records and include them in your reports. The Requests for Proposals or Requests for Bids will be publicly available through theUniversity Services Purchasing website. Vendors will be invited to submit bids that may or may not include a gift component. Consistent with standard University practices, the lowest bid or the highest rated proposal will receive the award without prejudice as to whether the vendor’s offer included a “gift” element. In the case of bids, the gift element will be reflected as a reduced price.

That’s true whether the donor is an individual giver or the VP of Corporate Responsibility at a giant corporation. Next, expand your search to your local community, including businesses and individuals. While a truck full of Nikes was probably a bit of a stretch, she hadn’t really sought any in-kind donations. Given her organization’s constant need to purchase sports supplies, that had potential. Sign up for our email newsletter and get the latest info on events, fundraisers and ways to make an impact. Stay up to date with all the news and events happening here at Noble by signing up to our e-newsletter.